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Our Content Marketing Services: Web Writing

It's Easy to Put up a Website

It has never been easier to create a website than it is these days. I have read that the internet grows by 10 million web pages every day! However, the standard of copywriting on millions of sites is very poor ... and many people seem to think it is "acceptable!"

But when it is your business, it isn't!!

There are many website building tools, from the garbage end of the scale to the high-quality-high-price tools at the other end. Some are easier to use, while others are more difficult. Some are more powerful, while others are little more than glorified text editors. Some will require you to know HTML, while others will follow the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) approach.

Using these tools, any Tom, Dick and Harry can slap together a website in record time.

And they do ...

But a Site That Works? That's Another Story

Most people who create websites don't have a clue about the copywriting that is necessary to make a website successful.

Granted, if your website is just a place where you will put photos of your children for your parents to see, you wouldn't mind if your site is not "successful."

However, if your website is a business site you'll want it to be as successful as possible. Your website should be an essential part of your overall content marketing plan.

This is exactly why you need the services of a professional copywriter who knows what works ... and why! As a business owner you are not in the habit of wasting money, are you? Of course not!

If you publish your company’s website without the inputs of a professional copywriter who knows the "ins and outs" of what makes a website successful, you are most probably wasting money. Or, at best, leaving money on the table ...

Web Content Needs Specialised Writing

It's not that writing web content is "complex" or "difficult." But there is a certain "art" to writing for the web. The reason is that you are writing for two kinds of reader - human and spider (no, not the multi-legged ones that nobody likes; but the so-called spiders that crawl throughout the internet, gathering information for the search engines).

Your website's content has the very important task to win the trust of your human readers ... and the love of the search engine spiders! This is only one of the reasons why web writing differs so much from other types of writing.

Another reason is that your human visitors have to be "pre-sold" because they don't know you or your company. Your website has to get them interested as long as necessary for them to become customers.

Writing Takes Time

Writing the web pages for your organisation can take a long time ... time that most owners of small businesses would prefer to do other important tasks.

This is why more and more organisations choose to outsource the task of writing the content for their website.

We Speak With YOUR Voice

When you contract AlbaNZ Communications to write content for your website, we go to extra lengths to ensure the content speaks in your "voice" - not ours. Your customers want to hear YOUR voice, and that is what they will hear.

Contact us today to discuss your web writing needs.

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Special Note               

How we do business has changed forever due to the internet.

In March 2013, according to I.T.U., 38% of the world population - about 2.8 bn people - use the internet.

Let us show you how your organisation can utilise the internet to its maximum potential to reach your customers!